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Feb 27, 2012 12:05am EST
of actors tonight, like jonah hill brought their moms as dates. why is it when your an adult taking your mom to the oscars is cool but when your in high school, taking your cousin to the prom gets you the nickname cousin kissing jimmy for the rest of your life? i'm happy for myself tonight, because i'm about to seven the highest honor a talk show host can receive. my guest tonight is oprah. oprah winfrey. [ cheers and applause ] just so we're clear, none of you are getting cars. you don't get a car. you don't get a car. you -- none of us -- in fact, if you came in a car, right now it's being towed. and i know you are probably asking, if oprah is here tonight, on the show, who is answering our prayers? well -- [ laughter ] don't worry. her friend gayle is filling in. we have every star in the universe coming up. before we forge ahead. we have a tradition here on the show. another week has come to the close and it's time to our weekly tribute to the fcc, where we wlebleep and blur things wher they need it or not. it's a special sunday edition of "this week in unnecessary censorship." >> i am s
Feb 24, 2012 2:35am EST
more about supporting actor and actress nominees. jonah hill and melissa mccarthy are getting the most searches this week in that category. check out the latest on the 84th academy awards at and finally, if you haven't read the hunger games trilogy, it may be time to get to it. the upcoming movie adaptation of the goth young adult series promises to be as big as "twilight." the film is coming out next month, and yahoo users cannot wait. they are hunting down everything from "hunger games" nail polish to jewelry to clothing and hairstyles. that's your week in search, guys. have a great weekend. back to you. >> all right. thanks a lot there, heather. stuff trending right now on yahoo, apparently kathy ireland's trending right now because they have proclaimed her the richest supermodel on the planet right now. from her swimsuit illustrated days -- or you know what i'm saying, the swimsuit days. and her furniture line. doesn't she have a clothing line? >> i think it's at k-mart. i believe. >> something. apparently it's doing well. also howard stern trending now too becaus
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2